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Brief Introduction

"BIDUR" name is familiar as Nuwakot district headquarters situated at 68km north-west of the capital Kathmandu.  This municipality was formed by existing goverment on of 27th Falgun 2073 according to constitution of nepal 2015 part 5. It spread across 130.01 square Kilometers, most of it covered by an open campestral  even some parts  are in mountain areas.  It was formed by amalgamating parts of existing Bidur Municipality, Charghare, Tupche, Gerkhu, Kalyanpur VDCs and 4-9 wards of khadgabhanjyang and divided into thirteen wards.

The city contains places of historical significance such as Nuwakot 7 storey old Palace and religious Devighat located at the confluence of the Tadi and Trishuli Rivers.Before 1744 A.D Nepal was a tiny pieces ruled by several dynasty. After then, King Prithvi Narayan Shah, King of Gorkha land started his amalgamation campaign from this region. During that period, Nuwakot was one of the entry gate of Kantipur (Kathmandu). It was the western gate to kathmandu as well as one of the route to Tibet for trade purpose.It has lots of temples, dabalis, with several culture and customs, mainly conserved from the period of malla dynasty and shah dynasty.

Facts about this municipality

  • Established : 1987AD
  • Area  : 130.01 sq. Km.
  • Population  : 54351 (28977 F, 25374 M)
  • Total HH   : 12505
  • Voters  : 34331
  • Total ward nos.: 13
  • Total executive body members: 23 (Female: 6)
  • Total assembly members : 70  (Female:  27 )


Boundries :

  • East : Likhu & Suryagadi rural municipality
  • West: Meghang & Tarakeswor rural municipality
  • North: Kispang rural municipality & Rasuwa District
  • South : Belkotgadi Municipality


Market center: 

  • Trishuli,  Battar, Rising,  Bidur,  Nuwakot,  Debighat, Baguwa,  Gangate,  Hattigauda,  Dhunge,  Betrawoti  Aakkare

Education institutions: 64

  • College : 2, 
  • Higher secondary school : 9,
  • Secondary school : 12 
  • Lower secondary school : 7,
  • Primary school : 36 
  • Students nos.  : 6563


Financial Institution:

  • Commercial & Development bank : 14 nos.
  • Cooperative bank : 1 no. , Cooperative institution: 64 nos.
  • Health sectors :
  • Hospital and health centers :14
  • Health post :6 (urban health clinic 5)
  • Agriculture service center :2
  • Livestock service center : 2
  • Religion:  Majority are Hindus whereas fewer are Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians also.



Sources of Income

  • Own Source Revenue : NRs.10 million

(Integrated property tax, Rent, Vehicle Tax, Road Tax, Entertainment Tax, Service Fee Recommendation, Building Permit, etc).

  • Conditional Grant NRs. 187 million
  • Non Conditional Grant NRs. 262 million



  • Close to Kathmandu (about 60 km)
  • Trade transit point (India – China)
  • Tourism development ( Historical  place  Nuwakot,  Devighat, Betrawoti )
  • Elected representatives
  • All ward offices established for service delivery.
  • Industrial Zone (SEZ proposed by Govt. of Nepal)
  • Medical treatment hubs (especially for northern people)


Issues and Challenges

  • Infrastructure Development :
  • Road, waste management, dumping site, water supply
  • system, sanitation, quality education system, recreational park, stadium etc.
  • Institutional capacity building,
  • Public awareness,
  • Sectoral development (Agriculture, Tourism, Industry & Business)
  • City development plan / master plan
  • Social & economic development
  • Employment generation
  • Environment protection
  • Effective service delivery (good governance)
  • Revenue generation
  • Qualitative Urban Health Service
  • Information management system
  • Waste management system
  • Re-habitation of Earthquake victims
  • Recovery in terms of enough skilled reconstruction workers, efficient disaster response and preparedness mechanism, more health posts, schools, water irrigation etc.



सूचना!!!! सूचना!!!!! सूचना!!!! (2076/02/07)

विदुर नगरपालिका क्षेत्रभित्र घर, टहरा निर्माण गर्दा विदुर नगर कार्यपालिका कार्यालयबाट घर निर्माण ईजाजत पत्र लिएर मात्र घर, टहरा निर्माण गर्नहुन अनुरोध छ । अन्यथा घर, टहरा निर्माण गरी नक्शा पास गर्न आएमा नक्शा पास नहुने व्यहोरा नगरवासीहरुमा जानकारी गराउँदछौँ । साथै यो सूचनालाई अवहेलना गरी निर्माण कार्य गरेको पाईएमा नगरपालिकाको नियम अनुसार कारबाही गरिने व्यहोरा समेत नगरवासीहरुमा जानकारी गराउँदछौँ ।


                                                                                                             नगर प्रमुख